Aiming to become the world's biggest decentralised social media where citizens can live without limit

Community powered by a token that FOREVER rises in value


About Us

FreedomNets is a decentralised social platform where no central authority can control and oversea. Users can communicate and share their contents freely with no restriction.  

Our team hope to create a virtual community where users can voice out their thought freely with supporting evidence, meanwhile, enjoy the exclusive contents including games &  NFTs created by famous artists. Users can post/ share/ like other NFTs while exchange their assets with our base current, FreedomNets token.

Community powered by the FreedomNets Token

A hyper-deflationary, inclusive and ethical BEP-20 token. It has 3 main features which bring long term holders great rewards; Reflection, Automatic Liquidity Provider and Burn. 

NFT & Gaming

Users are able to like/share/comment other NFTS while NFT borrow & lending wis available allowing game players access funds quicker. Depending on the amount of token staked, users can access exclusive contents & games created by famous artists and top developers. Since FreedomNets also has the gamefi feature, players are able to earn good return through their journey.

Privacy & Security

FreedomNets team always tries our best to protect our users at any cost. Privacy & security are the key focus. Therefore, no personal information is required when users try to access to our platform. Users can easily create more than one account while communicate with others on a decentralised channel.

Abstract Surface

$FNS - Token information

A hyper-deflationary, inclusive and ethical BEP-20 token.

Total Supply : 10,000,000,000,000



$FreedomNets holders balances grow automatically by just holding as 5% of all transaction is redistributed to all existing holders.

Automatic Liquidity Provider

5% of each transaction is added as a liquidity pair on Pancake Swap.

Manual Burn

FreedomNets team aims to apply a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for all holders. The total amount of FreedomNet tokens burned will be communicated by our marketing team via all the media channels and websites.


All stakeholders can vote for new features that will be added to the system to make the system more attractive to new users. They can also vote for the business direction of the platform. 

Facts & Figures








Ecosystem Development






Private Sales


Community Sales






Q4 2021- Q1 2022


  • Create a Telegram & Twitter

  • Launch the website

  • Publish the white paper

  • Host a private sale

  • Launch to PancakeSwap V2

  • Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

  • Listing on Pancake Swap 

  • Hiring blockchain developers & marketing members

  • Listing on several centralised exchanges

Q2 2022


  • First version of FreedomNets platform will go live

  • Users will be able to write any posts and will be connected based on their preference

  • FreedomNets token will be able to used as payment

  • Chat Rooms will be able to create where users can communicate freely

  • Contracts / documents will be able to confirm/ sign through the platform 

Q3 2022- Q1 2023

NFT marketplace

  • NFTs will be able to show on the platform, where users can comment/like/share

  • NFT marketplace will be introduced with FreedomNets token as a base currency

  • NFT borrow & lending will be introduced where game players can access funding easily

Q2 2023 -Q4 2023


  • Games will be able to list on our platform, where users can communicate through FreedomNets’s channels.

  • Gamefi feature will be included where players can earn community token 

Q1 2024

Further Fund Raising

  • Seek for further fund raising; targeting IPO 

Please join our Twitter & Telegram group where our marketing team will update our development.



FreedomNets is backed by a team of experienced specialists who have worked in big name centralised social media platforms, IT companies and investment banks. We are also actively hiring marketers, influencers, audit teams and developers that we can leverage on, such that we can truly focus on delivering the best results to our investors.

Feel free to drop us an email if you are interested to join!